Profigent turned TEN!

So there is something to celebrate! Exactly 10 years ago on a nice 11-11-11 date the company was registered at the local Chamber of Commerce of the Dutch “Silicon Valley” located around Eindhoven. I was still recovering from an illness, but I didn’t want to miss the date, so I took myself there, and after a short discussion regarding paperwork I had my registration papers.

Actually thinking back, choosing the name was one of the most difficult parts :), but since once I have settled on the properties like “professional” and “intelligent” it wasn’t long before the name was born!

Looking at the past 10 years I am foremost thankful for my family who supported me in making decisions leaving some “stable” environments behind. I am also thankful to the clients who trusted me with projects and assignments and kept hiring me despite some changes in the market and eventual need to cut costs.

I think I was lucky to work in the environment that always seem to have work for people like myself requiring to put things together, dive into the infamous issue with “every single part is done but it just does not work together”. So basically putting the huge software LEGO figure together that was meant to be easy to assemble, but reality turned to be different. This represents a typical integration issue. And that’s the part that makes my heart beat faster, my interest to grow exponentially with the complexity of the problem and make me awake in the middle of the night wanting to continue investigating until a workable solution is found!

So, finally, if I had a chance, would I choose the same route? Yes, I would definitely do the same. From my perspective my current way of working provides the most “fair” way of working with my clients who pay for my efforts if they need it, but are free to “pull the plug” when my services are not needed anymore (without any hard feelings!). From my side I do see the results of my efforts if I go for an “extra mile” and I do not expect to be paid when taking a break :).

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