Profigent turned ELEVEN!

So there is something again to celebrate! And this year is again special. It is exactly 11 years ago, on 11-11-11 when the company was officially born!

Considering most startup lifespan is between 2 and 5 years old it is remarkable to realize that already for 11 years we’re serving the customers, acquiring new projects and helping to bring projects to the finish line.

Last year had several highlights.

New client

Although Thermo Fisher Scnentific is not a new name on the list, but this time the project is with the BEA (Bulk Elemental Analysis) division, which opened up a new chapter. Completely remote, working with team spread between the location in Brno, Czech Republic and Ecublens, Switzerland, many stakeholders involved. A lot of new domain knowledge acquired, very challenging project requiring a lot of attention, a true integration challenge and a lot of it not just in software.

Home office

With the remote client and working through pandemics, this year was continuing to be “the home office” year. Having to walk two floors down to a coffee machine helps to get some minimal exercises, but it definitely impacts the psychology of working “with people” versus “working next to people”. While it definitely adds to the efficiency (minimal / controlled disturbances), it also takes the social aspect away.

War in Ukraine

Well, despite this being a business blog I cannot express enough how the war in Ukraine hit the people involved directly or through their family and friends relations. People are getting killed and lifes are ruined in a total madness of a pointless war.

Our hearts are with Ukraine and we support ukrainian people and army with whatever means we can. Agression can never win and will be pusnished for all deeds.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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